Something that I have always felt about this game’s aesthetics is that it should feel as much as possible like playing with a physical object. Consequently, it quickly became obvious that the background images and walls should look as much as possible like real-world surfaces. The way to achieve this would be simple: photograph real surfaces like wood, stone, and metal to use as the background. However, I soon realized that the resolution of my phone’s camera was far from sufficient to use for gathering the necessary source material. In short, I needed a photographer.

Fortunately, my friend Aubrey Gigandet was happy to help me out. We collected photos of many different types of wood, stone, metal, and a few other random things to use for the background images. I was able to temporarily drop the images in, but I will have to work more with Aubrey Ankrum to touch up the edges on the walls for the final version. For now, this is what one of the levels looks like: